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Lehigh Valley's Largest Grower Outlet!

"Your Beautiful Garden Starts at Dan Schantz Greenhouse!
Grown Locally -
Delivered fresh Daily within
minutes of leaving our Farm

Who we are-

Dan Schantz Greenhouse and Cut Flower Outlet is the Lehigh Valley's  retail location used as a "showcase" of quality plants, flowers and new products on the market. 

Dan Schantz Farms  has nearly 60 acres of greenhouses under roof, plus 900 acres of outside growing area, with finished product offered throughout the country.  

located within minutes of our retail outlet, our greenhouse team will gently place the finished products on carts and drive them to our store - just 12 minutes away.  

We assure that our customers will not only find the newest varieties offered to the horticultural industry, but respect their opinions on what the trade has to offer. 

For over 65 years, Mr. Dan Schantz has been growing flowers and plants to the Lehigh Valley. 

Now we sell all over the United States. 

It started with a man and a tomato crop, ended up as an empire. 

If you want the best tasting vegetables in your garden, the best garden plant variety,  the very finest flowers in your home, then this is where you need to shop. 

Dan Schantz ( currently retired) sold his empire a few years ago to his long time business partner / employee of about 50 years, Patrick Flanely.  Patrick continues to 

maintain the integrity of the company through the same dedication and devotion to the horticultural industry and our local community.  Always striving to provide the best quality products on the market.


We NEVER grow or sell any plant that hasn't  been tested for the Lehigh Valley area. 

We'll ALWAYS tell you when to plant.  We wont even offer it unless it's time to plant it - with the exception of tomato and pepper plants.  Some folks like to get an early start and bring them inside when it's cold. 

We will ALWAYS be available for our customers to contact us.  Any question is acceptable, if it needs some research, we have about 50 professional growers at the farm who will answer you. 

Dan Schantz Farms is one of the top wholesale growers in the United States.  But we're still a family business, with family values. Think of Dan Schantz Greenhouse and Cut Flower Outlet as your next best thing to seeing what is new and changing in the horticultural industry. 




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