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Poinsettias  Prices from 2018 holiday season,  may vary yearly

single bloom poinsettia.jpg

At Dan Schantz Farm and Greenhouse, we grow over 1 million of the most beautiful Poinsettias every year!  Brilliant colors, unique varieties plus your old fashioned favorites are delivered daily to our store throughout the season.  Most sizes listed below are available in many other colors.

Take a look at some of our different varieties we grow  HERE.

6 inch regular branched 649 2017.jpg
3 pot 3 color 7 inch.jpg
6 inch branched select 749 2017.jpg
4 and half poinsettia unique.jpg
8 inch poinsettias br 2018.jpg
#8 pot
deluxe 10 inch hb 2599.jpg


Did U Know?

Poinsettias are NOT Poisonous

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