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Choosing a Christmas tree is as important to us as it is to you.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and we try hard to

make sure it's perfect. 

Our trees come from local farms and are not cut until we need them.

Take a look at the guide to the right of this page.  Some trees will hold their needles longer if you plan on keeping it up past the season.  You may want to think about where you are placing your tree.  Do you keep the heat high in your room?  Is the tree going beside a fireplace or wood stove? 

We'll always make a fresh cut on your tree stump and assist you with your tree stand.  We want your tree to last.  After all, we are in the plant business- and like keeping things alive.


Choose Tree from thousands- INDOORS or OUT


Take ticket inside and one of Dan's helpers will take your tree to the "Magic Area" for trimming, wrapping and holding


Shop, browse or just wander around..then after you pay for tree, drive around to the "Tree pick up" area and we'll load your tree

Flocked Trees

Our indoor tree lot.  Doors remain open so trees stay fresh, but you stay dry!  Perfect for shopping on a rainy day, your van stays clean and free of mess. 

Our tree expert choosing and tagging

Perfect Trees in September.  They'll be cut

later in November.

Click for Flocked Trees
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