Shopping at Dan Schantz Greenhouse & Cut Flower Outlet during the Coronavirus (code yellow) 

We care about the safety of you and our staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.  We continue to maintain a safe and sanitized store (including shopping carts, register counters and any touchable surface).  

We do strongly suggest wearing a mask while shopping, and you will need to have a 6 foot social distance between each person- whether in line or in the store.   

Shopping carts are counted as to how many customers can enter at a time.  In high volume days (early to late spring) you may need to wait until customers come out of the store, at this time we sanitize the shopping cart immediately for the next person in line.  Currently, we are NOT experiencing any lines.  (June-August) 

You will notice we've blocked some aisles to keep the flow of "foot traffic" moving in an orderly fashion.  This is for your health and safety.  

CUT FLOWERS- As of June 10, 2020, we reopened our Cut Flower Department.  The only change we've had to make is we can't accept your vase or container currently to make fresh arrangements in.  All containers must be purchased in our store.

MOSTLY, we want you to enjoy yourself.  Come in, take in the beauty of our plants and flowers.   Ask questions as you normally would.. we're here to help you!