Dear Loyal  Friends,


We are trying hard during these difficult times to continue our services to our customers.  This is all new (to all of us) and we appreciate your patience while we figure things out.  

Hopefully, this will work in the meantime. 

Our President, Patrick Flanley has decided not to open our store at the moment to keep everyone safe from the covid-19 virus.  He announced today that we will be able to offer CURB SIDE SERVICE for some of our products.  

How will this work?  We're still wondering ourselves.  We have always been here for our customers and wish to continue to do so.  

We are offering Curb Side Service, and to the best of our knowledge, this is how it will work.  We hope.  (please don't get angry while we work on the "kinks"  We've never done this before- ever!) 

1:  Choose what you want from the spreadsheet provided.   With luck, the PDF file will let you add your amounts or let you circle what you want- then you can just send it back to us via email.  


2:  Email our store at  OR call our  store at 6107972774    You can use the PDF file button to write your order in, save it and send it back to us.  

We will then choose the best plants available for you and pull your order.  This is when you give us your credit card information. 

3: Your ORDER will be ready for pickup the NEXT DAY after ordering.  Just tell us what time you are arriving.  Call again when you get here and we will bring your purchases out!  (you will need to load your items up yourself, however.  We apologize for that)   

That's it!  

This can't possibly last forever, we are always here for you. 

(except in the past 2 weeks, but we had to close for a bit)  WE MISS YOU 

This is the PDF file you can "draw" (write) your amounts in.  Just look up on the top of screen where it says "draw"  To erase, use the eraser button.  Hopefully this works 

This one might work better for some viewers

This file may open as a tab at the bottom left of your computer.  You might have to "enable Editing" at top 




Easter Flowers - Decorative cover included