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At Dan Schantz Greenhouse,

we do a LOT of fundraising. 

Who doesn't like flowers?

Dan Schantz Greenhouse is the

highest rated retail greenhouse

in the Lehigh Valley. 

We've been here for our community for over 65 years. 

We grow everything in our nearly 900  acres of local farm land in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Now you need to meet Sharon. 

Sharon is our Fundraising Coordinator.  She works tirelessly to help organizations like YOURS get funds for the special goal you need to achieve.  helped thousands of schools, charities and organizations like yours raise money in excess of thousands of dollars. 

( Kinda beats selling a candy bar, eh?)

Do yourself a favor.  Give her a call today at 610-967-2181 or email her at

You'll be glad you did! 


Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday...

Dan Schantz Greenhouse Grows over 2 Million Easter Lilies- many are sold to  Churches.

FOR over 65 years, Dan Schantz had made sure the fanciest  Easter Lilies grown  were saved for the churches. 

A devout Mennonite Christian, Dan and Mildred believed that the churches in the community needed to have the absolute best we grew.  These are the lilies that have more than expected blooms, the tallest and the most extravagant. 

Church orders are tagged, labeled and protected until each order is picked up or delivered.

If you are a Church,and wish to order Easter flowers for your Altar or Fundraising,  call us at 610-967-2181 or email

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