Gift Plants

Around every corner, you'll find lots of treasures.  Although we can't put everything on this page, you can read the list below, and get an idea of what you can find.

Dish garden basket poins ours
decorated norfolk pine 10 inch
frosty fern
Santa Mum
Tillandsia ornaments
amaryllis bulb
rosemary tree
christmas cactus

Citrus Trees

Cactus Gardens

Succulent Gardens

Cyclamen in bloom

Potted Orchids

Christmas Cactus

Poinsettia Dish Gardens

Rosemary Trees

Alberta Spruce 1 gallon

Tropical Foliage Plants



Potted Ivy

African Violets

Potted Herbs

Hanging Baskets


Santa Mums

Bonsai Trees

Amaryllis Bulbs

& SO much more

Got Some Questions?

We've got answers!

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Questions For the store manager 

Questions for the Plant Lady 

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Santa Mum

Our own creation! Single mum with Santa hat.