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Plants you really shouldn't miss out on

SunPatiens are quickly replacing New Guinea impatiens as a favorite garden plant.  They look sort of the same, but what is the difference? 

First, as New Guineas would grow in sun, the hot full sun will make them wilt from the heat.  You could water them, but mostly they were not dry, just too darn hot.  It would take until the setting sun to get them cooled enough to stand up again.  It would take about 2 hours for a wilted NGI to regain composure. 

SunPatiens were developed around 2008 and have been outstanding in every trial, show and homes since. 

SUN OR SHADE!  Sunpatiens will thrive in either, it just doesnt matter to them.  They grow in mounds to about 3' tall in perfect soil, and will stand up straight after wilting in just of few short minutes. 

Downy Mildew- NO WAY! 

Large or small areas, they are sure to make a stunning display.

 Try "BounceBack" impatiens for similar qualities, but even faster at "bouncing back" from a wilt.

Hardy Hibiscus are a relative of it's

tropical counterpart but it is hardy in

our area,  Personally, I think these huge flowers are beautiful.  The plant itself can

grow up to 6' tall and wide,  They are

slow to emerge in the spring, so be patient. Dan Schantz Greenhouse usually has

them in our retail store by June. 

Don't expect to buy them with many flowers

in June-July, as  these huge flowering plants bloom prolifically in the fall. 

They like full sun.  They will usually

self seed and pop up next late spring

around the parent plant. 

The sprouts may not be the same color

as the parent plant, but you can easily transplant them to other areas. 

Since it's a perennial, it will die back in the winter, and emerge in late spring.  Over and over again.  Use them as a background

focal point, or a center of a planting area -

you can plant your fall mums around them later. 

Bloom size is between 5 and 10 inches. 

Feed them regularly in the growing season, especially the first year of planting. Loose soil will help get the bloom size up and a larger more vigorous plant.

Wave Petunias have changed a lot in the past few years.  The Original Wave (pictured from a 2002 photo in our field) was mostly deep purple, pink was added a little later.  Original Waves are grown from cuttings, and are usually a little more expensive.  They grow lower to the groundm spread way out and LOVE THE SUN.  They can actually fill out a large area in just a few weeks. They are also good in the cold weather, frost won't hurt it, but heavy snow will.  Some folks are lucky enough up here in PA to have them return in the spring. 

EASY WAVE petunias are grown from seed.  They grow taller in habit than the Originals.  Since they are grown from seed, you can find them a little less expensive than Originals, also.  They come in a huge selection of colors, stripes, ruffles and more.  Although they don't create an "Ocean" of color like their Originals, they are a wonderful addition to any planter, garden or basket.

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