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Accent Plants

add texture to your plantings!

Accent plants not only look

spectacular by themselves, they

create a "Focal Point" to

patio planters or garden - they

compliment all

surrounding plants.

Take a look at

before and after:

For just a little extra, you can add more impact to your plantings.




Pear Trees

Cherry Trees


Black Raspberry

Red Rasberry


Apple Trees

Grape Vines

& More

How to plant your

New Trees:








Dig a hole about 3' deep.  Add new loose soil to the hole, mix well and empty the hole

once more.  Carefully remove any strings or burlap from the root ball.  Prune off any damaged roots and place root ball in the hole. 


Add the newly mixed soil back around the root ball, tapping it with our foot to remove any air pockets. 

Water it.  Actually, just take the hose and lay it ontop of the newly planted tree.  Now walk away.  Let the water run on your new tree for about (at least) 15 minutes.  Move the hose once in a while to make sure the entire root ball gets water.  

Feed your tree with fertilizer - get the kind your tree likes.


Prune your trees in late fall or mid winter, after the leaves have fallen off. 


Happy Gardening!

Successful Gardening takes some work,

we agree.  We can make your job a little

easier with Pruners, Hedge Shears,

Garden tools, Weed Killers, pesticides

and more! 



Popular Accent Plants

Vinca Vine




Sweet Potato Vine

Spider Plant


Accent plants look great in hanging baskets too!

Hanging Vines


Flower Pouches

See our Award Winning

Hanging Baskets and Patio Planters!


over 100 different styles, colors and combinations delivered daily throughout

the season. 


Take a peek at just a few combinations

we grow!

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