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Frequently asked Easter Plant Questions

We grow and sell thousands of Easter flowers at Dan Schantz Greenhouse. Our plants are grown at our wholesale greenhouse farm in Zionsville Pa- within minutes of our store. Some items are grown specifically for our retail store customers- as it has been for the past 65 years.

After many years of selling Easter flowers to the public, we often get questions concerning the care and placement of their plants.

Here are some common questions, with answers provided.

Q: How do I care for my blooming bulb plant

once I get it home?

A: Keep it watered, in a bright but cool spot. On warmer spring days you can set it outside. They don't mind cool nights- but freezing will damage some of the new tender growth. Bulb crops do better in cool weather. After blooming you can plant it outside. Don't remove the leaves until they are withered completely.

Q:What plant is appropriate for a grave site? A: Any plant is appropriate, because it reflects on you and how you feel.

Q: How long will this plant last at the


A:It depends on the plant. Ask us what plant will withstand night temperatures below 35 degrees.

Some plants will do just fine for a week or so, but nature will make the sun shine and the wind blow, thus drying out the plant. To keep the pot intact with the ground, ask for a green plant stake to place through the pot and into the ground. This will keep it from blowing over.

Q: Will your log planters last through Easter?

A: We have artificial (silk) log planters that are made by our designers. They are weather tested, and will last a very long time. (and they are really nice). We also have LIVE log planters that are a compilation of bulbs, pansies and mum plants, designed to last about a month at a graveside. You may want to make sure the soil is very wet and heavy before placing it.

Q:How long do Floral Azaleas last?

A: They can bloom and line in your house, with proper moist soil up to a year with natural diffused light or artificial lighting. They are not suitable for planting outdoors. For azaleas that can be planted as shrubs, visit our shrub department.

Q: What do I do with my bulb plants (including

lilies) after they bloom?

A:Plant them outside, as they are perennial bulbs. Feed them in the summer with Bulb Tone or other bulb fertilizer. They are still growing underneath the ground surface.

Q:When will my Easter lily bulbs open?

A: Check out our White Lily page, or maybe this will help: If you have a bud that is small and green, it will open only if you keep it in sunlight.

If the bud is showing color, and is quite large, it will usually open within 2 or 3 days.

Q:If I buy Tulips (daffodils, hyacinths, crocus

etc.) that aren't showing color, how long will it take for them to bloom?

A: In your home where it's warm it will usually take about 3 days for a tulip, about 2 days for a crocus.

You want to purchase a tightly budded flower if you want it to be a gift in 2 or 3 days. The warmer the location, the faster it will bloom. (hint: Want to make it bloom later than a couple of days? Or keep it blooming LONGER?

Simply put it outdoors on cool days or nights above 40 degrees. It will take much longer to bloom if it's kept in a cooler location.

Q: Can I plant the Hydrangeas I buy for Easter (in bloom) outside in my garden?

A: Absolutely. There are some of the "fancier" varieties you may find a little more difficult to grow in your yard, but follow directions for planting and it should be fine.

Q: Can I plant my floral mums outside?

A: You can if you wish, but they won't grow back. They are specifically grown to be an indoor annual. (Pictured is a "Fleurette" mum)

If you have any other questions not listed on this page, feel free to email your inquiry to

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