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Planting Vegetables for Fall ( starting in July)

It may be hard for some of us to plan that far ahead, Summer is still in full swing! This is the time of year that you need to start planning and planting Fall & light Winter vegetables. Dan Schantz Greenhouse & Cut Flower Outlet carries many cold weather vegetables (aka COLE Crops) but you can also find seeds, root crops etc. on line at various locations. You have until mid-August to get these in the ground for Fall harvest.

Some vegetables that are introduced to a frost will improve their flavor. Starches in the vegetable will start converting to sugars, actually producing sugar after the frost. Here are some examples of vegetables that are improved after a few cold nights or a frost, banishing the slight bitter flavor some greens will have.

Cabbage, cauliflower, kale, collards, chard, Brussels sprouts, broccoli are vitamin rich greens that thrive in cooler weather. Carrots are always sweeter after a frost or two!

Leeks and onions also tend to produce more sugars after a cold snap. This is especially noticeable in the stronger onion varieties. The frost tends to temper the strong taste and provide that onion seasoning flavor that is often sought after. Since they take longer to grow, they should be in the ground by July 1st.

Additionally, these crops do well in cold frames over winter,

so it is possible to extend the growing season into the winter, so fresh vegetable are available nearly year round.

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