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Summer Planters

It's easy to create a beautiful setting around your "relaxing spot" at your home. While your gardens are growing ( vegetables, herbs and flowers) there should be a little area where you can just sit in the shade, relax and read. Sip tea or just watch the birds fly by.

Adding patio planters will attract your feathered and winged friends. You can certainly purchase the "already made" planters we grow, but the current trend is also leaning towards using tropical foliage plants in the center of your planters. Yes, we are used to the normal Geraniums, Vinca and Petunias- but there are so many more things you can do to create a beautiful planter!

Try Succulents: Not just the ones we

sell in our greenhouse as tropicals, but add some perennial succulent ground cover, Sedum, dragons blood, hens and chicks etc. to your planters. These will stand hot summer sun and come back next year.

Add some drama to the planters. ( Have you ever been down south?) Foliage plants make a wonderful splash in your mixed annual planters. You will need to bring them inside in fall, of course. Just remove the annuals before you do.

Be creative. Let your inner YOU shine through! Pick your favorite color and go to town... you deserve it!

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