Bringing Your Tropical Foliage Indoors for Winter

It's like a little vacation, your foliage plants get to spend nearly 6 whole months outside, breathing the fresh air, getting some sun and warm humid temperatures. But wait... now it's getting cooler outside. It's time to bring them inside! Do you have a nice spot for them in your home? What do you need to do? What should you check for? What can you expect while acclimating them to the new environment?

We get it. It's going to be hard for some of you. Your plants did so well this year, especially since it was a nice mild summer. Some plants will need a little extra attention. Hopefully we can help.

1: Decide on a new location for your plants. Were they getting a little bit of sun in the morning or late afternoon?

Great. This should be easy. Just put them in a bright window. You might want to put a sheet under their pots for a few weeks. Expect some leaf drop as they acclimate.

Did they get mostly full sun outside? Then find the sunniest window you have and put them straight in it. You might need to get some additional grow lights to help them acclimate.