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Going on Vacation? Tips (from The Plant Lady) on keeping your plants safe while you're away

So, you're heading off to the shore. Sun, sand, water. Or the Mountains. What's going to happen to your plants while you're away?

Here are some helpful tips for tending to your OUTDOOR plants in the heat of summer.

1- if you don't have a neighbor that owes you a ton of favors, try getting a water timer and a sprinkler system (I got mine online for about $30 from another company)

2- If your garden is not too large, set wet newspapers around the bottom of plants.

3- Pray for rain (just kidding) Most garden plants will be fine, I always worry about vegetable plants. Tomatoes, for example need consistancy and regular watering is the key. A drip tube is great for large plantings.

4- for your patio planters, group them together if possible. They will create their own little moisture climate.

5- just water everything really, really well before you go.


Sort of the same goes as above. Water everything really well, move the direct sun plants away from windows a bit. Depending on the houseplant, you probably don;t have to worry so much. Cactus and Succulents will be fine for about a month.

Peace lilies, not so much. Use the wet newspaper trick. OR, if you have an old guinea pig water bottle (the one with tube and ball) that will keep a little moisture coming through.

Setting your favorites in a tub (not in water!) in bathroom will hold enough moisture for a week. Just leave a light on (like Motel 6)

Relax. Everything will be fine.

Go have fun, YOU DESERVE IT!

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