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Proven Winners are HERE, and MORE arriving daily! 

Dan Schantz Farm & Greenhouse 2023 
What we are growing for you!
As the varieties become ready, we'll send them to our store

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Beautiful silvery white and green fan shaped leaves, perfect for accent plants, hanging baskets or annual ground cover.  Minimum 4 hours of sun- or all day light shade.  

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Proven Winners brings a new vegetative line of Ageratum. These strong performing Ageratums have a great growth habit that produces mounds of soft blue, white or purpleflowers. Will work extremely well in containers, mixed baskets and in the landscape. These vegetative Ageratums are more uniform and flower more consistently than seed grown varieties. They are weather-resistant and thrive in bright full sun. Deer-resistant.


Marguerite Daisy

Lovely small daisies covering  a relatively large (up to 36" tall) mounding plant.  Heat tolerant.  Use in containers or mass plantings.  No deadheading needed.  Easy care.   Available in white, yellow, golden colors. 




Bidens come in a range of hues reminiscent of a summer campfire: red, orange, peach, and yellow, as well as pink and white.

They grow harmoniously with other plants, making them popular for container plant combinations.  Excellent pollenator for honey bees, butterflies  and hummingbirds. 

Full sun, blooms all summer.  

Bidens red.jpg
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Helichrysum is a genus of about 600 species of flowering plants in the sunflower family They are also known as Licorice, Icicles, and Strawflower. Some Helichrysums are small, bushy plants that can grow up to 2 feet tall.  They are easy to grow, heat tolerant.  Water when soil is dry!  

helichrysum 2.jpg


Known to some as the "Summer Snapdragon, these adorable plants grow about 18" tall and bloom all summer.  They come in MANY colors and are a terrific addition to every garden!  Grow them in planters, landscapes or large pots.  They don't require staking or pruning (unless you want to promote more bushy growth!   RED, PINK, WHITE, BI-COLOR, PURPLE, LAVENDER & MORE! 

Angelonia pw.jpg


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Growing Bacopa trailing annual is simple, with many uses in the sunny to part shade garden. Bacopa plant info indicates that the small plant reaches no more than 6-12 inches in maturity. The low-growing specimen spreads vigorously to cascade over a wall or quickly cover bare spots under taller plants. pinks or white.

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Calibrachoa are one of the most popular plants in our area. AKA "Million Bells" and "Super Bells" these tiny Petunia shaped flowers are delightful for any garden or landscape.  They thrive in sun (but don't let them get too dry) and come in SO MANY COLORS it's just crazy!  Feed them, as you should all your plants- and let them go.  They need a bigger pot if they get too overgrown!  


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Blooms summer through fall, gorgeous daisy type flowers on 'up to 16" bush'.  Full sun preferred, but can stand about 4 hours of shade.  


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Everyone's FAVORITE colorful leafy annual, (can be grown as a houseplant in winter!) You might notice leaves drooping during hot days, time to water them!  Occasionally pinch off top growth to promote bushiness, if desired. Shade loving plant, but can tolerate some sun.  



Cuphea is a low-maintenance annual that blooms from late spring until frost without needing deadheading. In frost-free zones, it can be grown as a perennial. While the flowers of this plant may be small, they more than make up for their size in quantity.

Because of its small size and dense habit, cuphea makes the perfect addition to mixed containers and garden plantings

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Dahlia  PW Select 

The summer flower you didn't know you needed! Dalina Dahlias come in remarkable shades of yellow, red, pink, and purple. Their sturdy stems boast plentiful blooms throughout the summer and fall, and are perfect for cut flower arrangements to enjoy indoors. WE WILL HAVE THEM IN STOCK!  Arriving when old enough to travel the 12 miles to our store!  

SO MANY COLORS, (you'll want to dig another garden!)

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This plant is truly AMAZING!  It takes heat, a little drought and sun to part shade.  Add it to your colorful flowering plants to add POP to bring out the color!  (Like baby's breath in a bunch of roses)  You'll be so happy with the results!  

You'll find other Euphorbias here also, click on photo for more! 


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Dwarf Morning Glory 

Evolvulus is one of those few true blue cultivars that really delivers the blue. Proven Winners has taken up the breeding for this genus, beefing up the plant to improve both its height and volume so it will have some market viability.

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Fuchsia are a shade lover's FAVORITE!  They tolerate hours of shade where other plants can't survive.  Keep them watered, as they don't like being too dry.  They also like cooler temperatures, so they might be a little stressed in late summer months.  Lots of different varieties and colors- ideal for hanging baskets, planters and window boxes. 




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Gomphrena is a cheery little clover look-alike that for centuries has graced classic cutting gardens. American gardeners have relied on its pleasing bachelor button flowers since the early 1700s. With pink, purple, or white gumball flowers, globe amaranth has a reliable marathon bloom time (from early summer until the first hard frost).  Little blooms can be dried for fall arrangements and crafts! 

Heliotrope is a beautiful shrub type annual with fragrant flowers.  A true pollinator for bees and butterflies, you may want to group these together to take advantage of their lovely scent.. 

Full Sun, water when dry. 

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heliotrope large.jpg


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Sweet Potato Vine

Ipomea (Sweet Potato vine) is a gorgeous vining plant that produces bright green to dark maroon foliage that is a perfect trailing accent to any planter, landscape or window box!  A good choice for either sun or light shade.  Easy care 

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EVERYONE LOVES OXALIS!    (Not just for St. Patrick's Day anymore!) 

These adorable plants are great for mild shade, or morning sun.  A perfect addition to a colorful planter!  Bring it inside at fall, for all winter growth. 

Polka Dot Plant 

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Extremely versatile, many colors !  Red, white pink, rose - shade loving plant.  Can tolerate some sun.  Low growing accent plant.  Can grow indoors or out! 

Impatiens (Double) 

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Double Impatiens are a favorite for home gardeners!  They come in a BUNCH of different colors, thrive in light shade (not as shady as a basic Impatiens) keep them watered during hot summer heat.  Feed them to keep them happy and healthy 

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Lobularia (Alyssum) 

lantana yellow.jpg

Lantana is a WONDERFUL attractive flower that makes your butterflies happy!  

Full Sun- tons of colors! 

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juncus grass.jpg

Fun grassy type plants that add whimsy to your planters.  

Corkscrew "twisty" leaves or straight up- adds interest to 

any grouping!  Full sun to part shade.  Easy to grow.  


Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum) by Proven Winners will tolerate sun a little better, bloom longer in summer and it comes in colors of white, purple, lavender, rose!  

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Lobelia is a pretty little flower on spreading plants.  The more sun it gets, the redder the leaves get.  Available in a wide variety of colors- white, blue, rose, purple and more!  light shade to full sun- well draining moist soil. 


Nemesia red.jpg
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Nemesia is a small bedding plant with many uses in the garden. Use them as edging plants, ground covers, in mixed borders, woodland plantings and as container or hanging basket plants. Most varieties grow to about a foot in height.  These versatile little plants offer a wide range of flower colors, and some come in bicolors.  You might need to deadhead them in summer heat 

Nemesia close.jpg
lobelia purple close.jpg


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Osteospermum (African Daisy) is a brilliantly colorful blooming annual with extreme colors!  They prefer full sun and ample watering.  Heat tolerant!  Gorgeous blooms all summer long.  




Everyone's FAVORITE old fashioned flower!  Tons of colors, click on photo for availability.  

Petunias like full to part sun, water when dry.  Fertilize to promote healthy growth.  Hanging baskets, planters, landscape gardening and more.  

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Sedum Lemon Coral 

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Garden phlox grow in sun to light shade.  Depending on variety, they can reach up to 12 in in height.  Blooms all summer.  Many colors available.  Click on photo for more 

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Strawberry Plants


Sedum is a wonderful succulent type plant, delightful light green foliage that accents any harsh sun environment or full sun planting.  Water when dry, feed once a month.  Planters alone, or in groups.  Landscaping or hanging baskets.  


Portulaca plants thrive well in hot sun and harsh conditions.  They bloom every morning, greeting you with new blooms.  Succulent type leaves, many colors available.  Click on photo for more colors 

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Proven Winners plants are preferred by both new and experienced gardeners because a better garden starts with a better plant. Proven Winners are top performers—healthy, disease-resistant, and easy to grow producing long-lasting color with wow power.

salvia blue.jpg

Salvia are a great addition to your garden, they grow tall and make a nice backdrop to your low growing plants.  They also attract hummingbirds, butterflies and humming bees.  full sun to part shade 


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Torenia are SO CUTE!  AKA "Clown Flower" They look like little laughing, happy faces!  How can you resist these?  Grows in partial sun.  Water when dry. Blue, purple, rose & more 




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santivalia closeup.jpg

Sanvitalia is a plant with petite, bright yellow flowers that is extremely heat tolerant. Sanvitalia plants are extremely low maintenance and mounded perfect for hanging baskets, container combinations, window boxes and landscapes.

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Fan flower (Scaevola aemula), also known simply as scaevola, is a warm-weather perennial or small shrub that is often grown as an annual flower. It is an excellent plant with warm summers. Scaevola is a sprawling plant with oval or lance-shaped leaves and, given a hot humid climate, it will produce a nearly non-stop display of dark blue fan-shaped flowers from early summer right up to frost. Scaevola plants fill a niche for gardeners seeking a heat tolerant plant -  its thick stems ensure drought tolerance in full sun locations

Verbena are not only beautiful in sun, they come in great colors (and attract butterflies!!!)  Wide speading woody shrub annual- You will want to plant one every single year!  

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