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Garden Club Seminars

Want us to come talk to your group?  Dan Schantz Greenhouse will send a knowledgeable representative to speak on a variety of topics. 

It's Free

It's Informative

It costs nothing to you or your attendees.  We will give brief information about our company, a little history and who we are. We'll always bring printed information for you to keep- and sometimes coupons to use at our store.

 We're here to inform the group of new products on the market, new industry updates and to help folks get excited about plants and planting.  Most popular times of the year are spring, but we also do Fall Plants and Poinsettias.

Topics can be anything you desire, but these are the most requested:

Designing with color- how to choose your pallet

New Varieties of common garden plants, how they've improved through the years

Fertilizer, understanding the contents

Vegetable Gardening

Right plants for patio planters

General Maintenance of garden plants

Fall  Mums, Plants and planting

Christmas Poinsettias, the many varieties, history of and care of Poinsettias.

Pre-Holiday events may include a small craft demonstration: Bow making, gift baskets etc.

We're flexible on what we discuss- and there's always Q&A after! 

Speaker normally talks for 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

What we bring to show, we leave it behind

Obviously, we will be bringing some product to show you.  The larger your group, the more items we bring.  We leave it all with you.  Sell them, donate them, raffle them off- it's up to you.  We also bring a small gift for each attendee. 

What We Need from You:

Call our main office at 610-967-2181 and request to contact our event / advertising coordinator, Cindy Thomas.  Or email directly to 

We'll exchange personal phone numbers at that time.

We will attend any group larger than 30 people.  Let us know if we need to provide a microphone. 

Tell us how many people you may have, location and time of your event. 

Advise us of stairs, long hallways or any obstacles we may face while bringing display items to your event.

We can come most days Tuesday noon through Fridays during peak season or Holidays.  

Please schedule a few months to a year in advance to reserve your spot!    

We will need one or two 8' tables to display our plants and the gift plants, brochures, etc  If you don't have access to tables, we can provide them upon arrival.

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