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Annual that grow in Sun

Sometimes the summer sun can be brutal on your plants.  Many customers ask us "what will gro in direct all day sun?"
  We want you to have the most perfect garden every year, so here are a few of our favorite " must have's for the sunniest of locations.  Keep in mind that the more sun a plant gets, the more water it may need.   Add a good pre-mix of planting soil or create your own using peat, perlite, vermiculite and humus.  Make sure you dig down in your exixting soil to loosen it up.  Just mix the new soil mixture with your old soil.  Add some fertilizer like osmocote as a slow release for newly planted flowers. 

Happy Gardening!

Marigolds - a Customer Favorite

At Dan Schantz Greenhouse, we grow hundreds of varieties of annuals.  To see them all, you'll need to come in...and often- as it changes from week to week.  Here are a few of the most popular Sun annuals.

Millions of Geraniums Grown Yearly
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