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4 pack Vegetable Plants

Folks who need many plants of one kind often purchase these in a 4 pack.  They are also called ( in the garden center world) a "1204"  This is because a tray, or flat, has 12 packs containing 4 plants in each pack.  They are sold by the pack- with discounts when you buy a whole flat.  ( that's 48 plants in each flat)

Pint Vegetables

Our Pint Vegetables are the largest assortment of varieties we carry.  Often said that " Dan Schantz has the widest selection I've ever seen!" 

Much research goes into finding the most unique, delicious, hard to find, colorful, heirloom and NEW on the market vegetable plants for our collection.  You won't find these anywhere else but HERE.

Jumbo Pots

Sometimes you just want a jump start

on your tomato or pepper harvest. 

We've grown these jumbo potted veggies- starting in January at the farm, so you get to brag about eating the first tomato before your neighbors.

Patio Vegetables w/cage

Our big patio pot vegetable collection is a real "game changer" for those who live in an apartment, can't dig in the garden or just want a few handy vegetables just outside the kitchen door. 

Eggplant, peas, tomatoes, peppers and squash. 

Varieties that will stay in the large 12" plastic pot, no need to repot in the ground.

Vegetable Totes are our collection of our favorite varieties.  This includes the best sellers " Sugar Snacker and Sweet Thing"

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