Indoor Foliage Plants

All year long, you'll find the largest selection of indoor foliage plants.  Truckloads arrive monthly, bringing the newest and best varieties on the market.  The selection varies from every shipment, so there is ALWAYS something new!  Indoor plants not only add warmth and life to your home, they make a great hobby! 

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Foliage plants for the indoor shade
Foliage plants for sunny rooms

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Majesty Palm

This elegant palm is perfect for a side of a window that gets only strong morning sun for about an hour, then normal indirect light the rest of the day. It's soil doesn't like to be too dry, so water it thoroughly (run water on the root ball for about 3 minutes) and let it drain. Then put it back where you had it. If this is not possible, then make sure it is kept on the dry side of damp at all times. Cut off any dead small fronds that may appear at bottom.