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Valentine's Day

What a SPECIAL DAY!  Valentine's Day is a nice way to send a nice "I LOVE YOU" to anyone special in your life.  


Such a simple gesture - what a great reward.  

Surprise your "special someone"  with a lovely bouquet of fresh roses, a mixed bunch of flowers or just a simple single stem. Add a personal note... and your sentiment will be remembered forever! 

(here's a hint:  Ask us to make it special for you.  we're here to help)  

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Unlike a conventional "BOX"  store-  We hand pick our roses carefully.   2 days prior to Valentine's Day, our wonderful staff (of nearly 20) people- prune, cut excess  leaves and remove thorns by hand.  Each rose and flower is placed immediately into water containing preservative.  They are kept in cool climate controlled rooms so they can "rest" and prepare to go into your home.  

Each bouquet is carefully wrapped with greens and baby's breath before being placed into decorative sleeves.

ONLY WHEN our supervisors think the flowers are ready- they will go out to our  displays inside our store. 

We inspect EVERY SINGLE flower (and rose)!  

In 2 short days we accomplish our goal: 



Denny Heilman, (Part Owner at DSF)- inspecting the bouquets before they go inside our floor area for sale. 

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Our Floral Designers are absolutely wonderful.  You just HAVE to see everything they create! 

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Beth and Brenda at their post during Valentine's Day week 

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It's cold in here...


Potted Flowering Plants - EVERYWHERE! 

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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