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April 26, 2023


What to plant now! 




Dusty Miller


Hardy Azaleas  

Ground Cover


There are LOTS of things you can plant now!  

To be safe, ask our sales associates for instructions and advice.  You can always email us, call or send us a message on Facebook!  

Be cautious of planting "soft plants" outdoors until Mid-May... 
Tomatoes, Peppers, Begonias, Impatiens, Vinca, Caladiums, etc.  
Feel free to ask us! 

seed sowing tray.jpg


You can use tiny paper cups, a plug tray (pictured) saved empty plastic annual packs from last year- or whatever you prefer.  just make sure you use seed starting mix.  NOTHING THAT HAS FERTILIZER IN THE SOIL (seeds can't have fertilizer, it will burn them up fast!) 

Once you put your seeds in the desired container, keep them warm.  They don't need sun while they are germinating, just warmth and moisture for about 5 days (depending on the seed) wrap in clear plastic wrap. 

once the seeds look "puffy", open the plastic wrapping and let air in.  Just a little.  Keep them warm and gently introduce some light.  

Once you see sprouting green leaves, take the wrap off completely, mist and water daily.  Increase the amount of light.  Don't let them get "leggy"  Keep them in light and give them water and humidity.  Plant peppers and tomatoes outdoors after May 15th for best results.  

2022 broccoli .jpg
waves for web 4 20 22.jpg

For more planting tips, 
contact the Plant Lady or Store Manager at emails below! 

Happy Gardening! 

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